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Making measurements with an LCR Meter

March 24th, 2015 | 2 Comments | Posted in Others
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Next part of our memeber’s tutorial on measuring instrumements…


LCR meter is another very useful measuring device that is extensively used by electrical engineers and companies manufacturing related products. So first f all I will start with the basic conventional introduction of this measuring instrument followed by its working.

An LCR meter is used to measure the inductance, Capacitance and resistance of the device under test. We know that the inductance is denoted by L, capacitance by C and resistance by R. So it is just so clearly visible that why this device is known as a LCR meter in short for convenience.

The useful of the devices is just evident from the fact that it acts as a three in one measuring instrument, which can measure for you all your three required values just in one package.


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