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Vandalism and Theft of Transformers (testimony)

September 23rd, 2014 | 1 Comment | Posted in Others
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We recieved a very interesting article by one of our readers living in Kenya. Check what he has to say about vandalism of electrical equipement in his country.

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“Hi everybody,

I live in a small town called Kikuyu population, 300,000 (most of them lively people) near Nairobi, Kenya. Well, the factors that test our lively nature include frequent power losses, transformer sabotage and vandalism. The vandalism and thefts happen approximately twice per month, leading to massive business losses, disrupted routines and loss of income.

Moreover, taking consideration that the whole country has a single-power supplier, mostly depending on hydroelectric power, and ineffective customer service, the power outage can last for days.”

According to the Kenya Power Company Limited (KPLC), our region has incurred them 11million Kenyan shillings (approximately $140,000) in the last six months. Within the last five years, the company has lost close to Ksh 1.7 billion ($24 million) in replacement costs and lost sales due to vandalism.

In some regions near my town, the vandalism and theft are as frequent as six transformers in a single week, especially in areas near educational institutions and town centers.”

Fig1: vandalized transformer in one of the towns

Fig1: vandalized transformer in one of the towns


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