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Types of Inverters

November 15th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Posted in Electrical distribution
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In this 4th part of his tutorial on Inverters, Nasir drew a list of the different type. Remember you still can send us your articles by mail.


As we know that inverters are finding their extensive uses now a days. Previously they were only used in some main applications, which would be large scale and expensive. But now a days, inverters are like a small compulsory electronic device, on which many of our other main electronic equipment depend.

They are extensively used, not only because of their universal function of converting DC power to AC power, but also because of their high efficiency, reduced power costs and versatile applications.

These days, they are being used extensively in applications where there is a frequent power cut off, because in case of power failures, inverters are a very good and efficient power remedies. For every classification, we form some basis first, depending upon which we can further categorize our results for easier understanding and a better approach. This is done in order to promote better understanding and a more extensive classification of different things.

In the same way, we primarily classify inverters on the basis of their output characteristics. So there are three different types of outputs we get from inverters, and hence we classify inverters into three primary classes, which are:

  1. The Square Wave inverter
  2. The Modified Sine wave inverter or quasi sine wave inverter
  3. A Pure sine wave inverter


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