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Using Capacitors in Electrical Circuits

July 29th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted in Electrical distribution
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Use of Shunt capacitors in a High Tension (HT) or Low Tension (LT) installation has become a necessity and also mandated by most of the utilities worldwide. Let us understand some concepts behind the use of a Shunt Capacitor.

Need for Capacitor Installation

There is a growing need for energy conservation and all efforts are being made towards the same. On the other hand, the electrical loads in almost all categories of customers i.e. Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural are inductive loads in nature.

These inductive loads include: electrical equipments and devices like: Induction Motors, Fans, Industrial A.C. machines. With the advent of technology and greater level of automation in the last few decades, the electrical load mix is greatly becoming Inductive in nature.

The drawback of these inductive machines is that they draw a huge amount of Reactive Power (KVAr) from supply side, thus causing lowering of Power Factor (P.F.).


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