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AC Power (back to basics)

March 20th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted in Power quality
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AC power in any electric circuit is the rate of flow of energy at a specific part of that electric circuit. As we all know, the electric energy flow from the generation side toward the consumer load side. But some part of this energy is bounce back to generation side and some part is completely utilized by the load.

Electric power energy that oscillates between source and load is known as reactive power while completely utilized electrical power energy is known as real power. Both the reactive power and real or active or true power are related with the apparent or total power through the following figure.

AC Power 1

From the figure, it can be deduced that;

(Total Power)² = (True Power)² + (Reactive Power)²

Or (kVA)² = (kW)² + (kVAr)²


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