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Low Voltage Circuit Breakers – How to mount them?

May 4th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Posted in Electrical distribution
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Eric S., one of our dear members sent us this article last week. Thank you, it’s much appreciated and we’re sure that you all will love this too. Ready to discover the different way of mounting LV Circuit Breakers?

Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

Hi everybody, this is Eric. I think this community is one of the most interesting ever and I wanted to contribute.

Before we go on to discuss about different methods of mounting low voltage circuit breakers, let me give you a brief introduction about low voltage circuit breakers.

Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers 1

Low voltage power circuit breakers, are essentially the prime electrical devices used in low voltage power distribution systems to protect electrical circuits, and subsequently all electrical equipments, from all types of fault currents, short-circuit and overloads.

Though fuses are also capable of performing the same functions, they have to be replaced each time they detect a fault current or short-circuit, because they get blown off. Unlike fuses, low voltage circuit breakers can be reset to their normal condition, either automatically or manually, after they get tripped due to fault currents, short-circuit and overloads.

Now that we know the importance of low voltage power circuit breakers in protecting valuable electrical equipment, we will now focus on the different methods of mounting them on to the electrical circuits.

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