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Maintaining Low Voltage Switchboard (Tutorial)

October 31st, 2014 | 2 Comments | Posted in Panel Building
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Few weeks ago, we received this nice comprehensive guide in our boxmail. An electrical engineer sent it to us in order to help our junior maintenance technicians in the community who read the blog a lot!


Irrespective of the usage, electrical components tend to develop inconsistencies, just like any other components, as they age. Faults developed in electrical components, especially, in critical equipment such as switchboards and circuit breakers, are largely governed by the environmental conditions such as humidity, corrosiveness in the atmosphere, dust, dirt, etc.

Other factors that can affect switchboard efficiency are: operating loads, age of the equipment, current harmonics and poorly recorded maintenance reports.

In order to make sure that your low voltage switchboard operates properly and lasts long, it is imperative that you conduct preventive maintenance at regular intervals with the help of qualified professionals.

Following are some important guidelines to be followed while maintaining a low voltage switchboard:


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