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Magnetic nanoparticles for heat dissipation in electrical systems

May 13th, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Others
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Hi it’s Steven Mill, last time I wrote about Magneto-electric Hexaferrite Films and their Applications in Electrical Devices. Today I’m still in the “magnetic” topic applied to heat dissipation, so here’s my contribution to the community.


Dissipation of heat in electrical systems and power generators has always been a great challenge. This is because, without proper dissipation of heat, an electrical system will become vulnerable to potential damage and malfunction issues.

In most parts of the world, cooling is mainly done by pumping cold water through pipes to remove undesirable heat. However, research is being carried out to introduce a cooling method that is much better, effective and cheaper than this primitive technique.

Research teams at MIT and in Australia successfully developed one such method that involves the use of magnetic nanoparticles. This superb technology is very effective and can be used to dissipate heat from simple electrical systems to even a nuclear reactor.


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