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Top 10 factors that govern selection of medium voltage drives

November 14th, 2014 | 2 Comments | Posted in Electrical distribution
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Few weeks ago, we recieved this very interesting article from a senior engineer. Just for us, he made a list of 10 factors that should drive you to select medium voltage drives.

So here’s an expert’s advice…

Though medium voltage drives have been around for more than three decades now, high quality and reliable medium voltage drives have only been available since the past few years.

Specifying and choosing high quality medium voltage drives can often be a tedious task, because there are many parameters that govern its quality and performance.

High Quality Medium Voltage Drives

High Quality Medium Voltage Drives

Many companies claim that the drives manufactured by them are of high quality, even if they are not. Because, they believe that, not many people will go into the details. And that’s true! Only an experienced electrical engineer would know the difference between a high quality and ordinary voltage drive.

Depending on my 15 years of experience, as a project manager for a reputed steel company, I would recommend you to carefully examine the below top 10 factors that can actually help you to differentiate high quality and ordinary medium voltage drives:


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