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Difference between actual Versus installed KVAR

October 24th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - kvar
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Harmonic filter banks are vital components in an electric system. The primary purpose of the banks is to provide an alternate low impedance path for harmonic current, thus reducing the amount of harmonic current in a distribution system. When purchasing the banks, the primary consideration for the engineer is to understand the primary difference between the actual and installed kVAR.

This article by our member Marvin M. provides a guide on the difference between the two as well as why understanding the two distinct values is important when installing harmonic filter banks.

Understanding the Difference Between Actual Versus Installed KVAR

For starters, note that the harmonic filter reactor does result to significant rises in voltage. About a decade ago, most applications of low and medium voltage consisted on linear loads. This means that resonance was uncommon, and a simple addition of capacitors did suffice as a power factor correction measure.


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