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Use of Algae in Electricity Generation

April 28th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Posted in Others
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New article by myself – Steven Mill – about biomass fuels and its role in electricity. Enjoy and leave comments!

Why use Algae Biomass Fuel Cells for Electricity Generation?

Electricity generation using biomass fuels has captured a lot of attention these days. Many countries are inclined to start large-scale research projects so that the microbial fuel cells could be installed to fulfill the requirements of both domestic and industrial sectors.

The reasons for this development are very simple:

First of all, it is a renewable source of energy because the biomass i.e. algae is continuously being produced naturally and can be gained easily. Secondly, it is cheap as compared to other forms of energy. The fuel is considered as “waste” material and is almost priceless whereas, the fuel cells are also less costly and their maintenance cost is also low. Third reason is that the energy gained is environmental friendly, clean and green.


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