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Unimproved Electrical Design (work experience in Ethiopia)

March 15th, 2013 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution, Others
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Here’s a story by an electrical engineer. Let’s see what he has learned during his work experience in Ethiopia…

Unimproved Electrical Design

I had worked in a power corporation in a MV / LV distribution section. The company I used to work is based in Ethiopia and it is the sole electrical power generating and distributing firm in the country.

Electrical distribution designs were mostly prepared for new installations and major expansions. Preliminary studies were made with load forecasts for a few years ahead. Ratings were determined taking load factors in to consideration and overload protection devices were put in place for most of the equipments on the line. However there were frequent incidents of LV side fuse blowouts especially on older networks. A decade or two ago, the networks were new and customer loads were way below the networks’ design capacity.


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