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Latest Energy Harvesting Systems that will replace Batteries

May 23rd, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - news
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For centuries energy harvesting is in use in different forms like watermills, windmills, solar power systems etc. with the passage of time technology has improved till reaching today’s modern age. This method is relatively slow as compared to battery-power consumptions but has some advantage for which they should be preferred.

Firstly, they have no undesirable pollution effects on environment. Secondly, the sources used are abundant and could be used unlimitedly.


Researchers have been searching alternate ways of energy production that are less expensive and compact and are harmless to the environment. These researches have made their way to the discovery of “energy harvesting” (EH).

Energy harvesting replaces the need for conventional power sources and wires or replacement batteries. Many products have been introduced, that instead of using electrical batteries, will use ambient energy and convert it into electrical power.

These devices can use electromagnetic, thermal, or mechanical energy, vibration, pressure, and flow of liquid as sources to generate electrical power. This electrical energy is stored in durable cells like capacitors or MEC and is used later.

The best use of EH is wireless devices and sensors that use battery power to operate.

Latest Energy Harvesting Systems that will replace Batteries 1

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