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Storage Systems for Renewable Energies

May 29th, 2019 | Make a comment | Posted in Energy Efficiency - solar
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Storage Systems for Renewable Energies
Fig. 1 Storage System | image: Renovablesverdes

Renewable Energies Context

An important limitation that renewable energies have is that they depend on natural flows, in other words, their production is not continuous, which is why in many cases they do not fit at the time they are needed.

The problem is that for energy to be used, it has to be available when required.


Reactive Power Management

July 11th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted in Power quality
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Reactive power management 1

In an AC circuit, there is a likelihood of interrupted direction reversal of the energy flow because of the temporary energy storage in inductive and capacitive parts.

The real power is the power flow left after it has been equally distributed in an AC waveform which in actual can be further utilized to do work such as heating an element and to overcome friction in a running motor.

However, the reactive power is the power flow which is due to the inductive and capacitive network elements; it is first temporarily stored and then returned back to its origin.

Inductors consist of a large coil and are devices which have the capability to store energy in form of magnetic field. On application of voltage, magnetic field is produced across the coil and after some time the current attains its full value. The voltage, so, surpasses the current in phase. Such devices are said to be the ones absorbing reactive power.

Energy storage in form of an electric field is the work of a capacitor. Full voltage difference is reached in some time until a charge is built up when the current is driven through the capacitor. As a result, fluctuation in voltage through the capacitor is observed which is opposed by it causing the voltage to fall behind current in this case. This is therefore referred to as the generation of reactive power because the voltage experiences drop back from current this time.

Reactive power flow occurs due to the energy storage in network inductive and capacitive elements. Voltage level is greatly affected by the reactive power flow throughout the network. As a result there is a need to properly monitor and manage the voltage level and reactive power flow so that the network operation is held within appropriate limit.


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