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Closed Transition Transfer Switch

October 4th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted in Panel Building
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Last time, Nasir taught us about the working and advantages of an Open Transition Transfer switch, now it’s all about the working and advantages of a Closed Transition Transfer Switch.

A Closed Transition transfer switch also operates on the same principle as that of an open transition switch, except the fact that the delay which is incorporated in the open transition switch has been eliminated and hence the contacts occur without any delay in the time.

Working of a Closed Transition Transfer Switch

The process occurs such that if the power is being supplied from the primary power source, and it’s time for the contact to break due to a break in the power, then first the contact will be made with the backup power supply.

i.e. the alternate source from which the load has to be transferred is closed and the afterwards the contact will open from the main power source.

In this way there is a brief moment in which both the contacts are closed, so that there is no such time in which the power supply is interrupted.

This process can be shown as follows:

Closed Transition Transfer Switch 1


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