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3D printing and its impact on electronic goods

January 9th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Posted in Others
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3D printing and its impact on electronic goods 1

Without doubt 2013 has been a year of technology driven innovation. 3D printing represents one area of progress achieved. Development went so far in the area that researchers were able to print a bionic human ear.

Evolution within 3D printing is coming towards the domain of consumer electronic too. This can be seen with a recent development that researchers were able to employ 3D printing to make a loudspeaker. It makes the process as simple as printing a product that is ready to go.

Rapid transformation is being seen with respect to ‘technology maturing’ where items from various blueprints can be made from material such as plastic, ceramic, glass and metal.

3D metal printing is considered as an advanced manufacturing technology which makes use of advances that have been made in conventional 3D printing. With the rising public interest and mass online exposure, this form of printing is going under metamorphosis at a rapid rate.

The speakers, made by researchers at Cornell University, were able to achieve the task through three materials: a plastic housing, conductive coil and a magnet.


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