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    My name is Andrew, i’m electrical engineer from Ukraine. 

    I design electrical projects for new building. 

    I have a lot of questions about electricity in foreign countries.

    If you don’t mind, it would be interesting to share experiences in our sphear.

    To get started:

    Which cable(wire) 0.4kV copper or aluminum do you use when installing the cable 0.4kV in the ground?

    Voltage is 0/4kV.

    What kind of cable do you use?

    How do you install this cable?

    Thanks in advance!


    I am from India. We generallu use only Aluminium Cables, particulary at 0.4kV. We use 3 core or 3.5 Core, Aluminium conductor, PVC inner-sheathed, GI wire/strip armoured, PVC outer sheathed cables for 0.4kV system, if the cable is ti be buiried underground. For the installation procedure, we do follow our nation’s Standard Code of Practice for Cable installation. In India, we are governed by the Indian Standard Specification Number 1255, which is the “code of practice for selection, installation & maintenance of power cables upto 33, 000V”.



    .4 KV This is low voltage system. For me, it is better to use copper wire than aluminum wire. Copper has a good conductivity than aluminum. You can choose any of these installation methods.


    1. Use XLPE Cable, Double Steel Tape Armour or Steel Wired Armour in direct buried cable.

    2. Use XLPE Cable, in PVC Pipe with Sand Bedding.



    Hi Andery,


    My opinion are :


    1. How much your project budget? Which is more cheaper, the cooper or the aluminium.

    2. How long will be the distribution length for the power cable to serve the load. How much the voltage drop you have calculated as for cooper and the aluminium?

    3. If the voltage drop that you have considered into account and the project budget you may have the guideline which one to choose. As we know aluminium is considered cheaper than cooper, but in term of voltage drop and induced current, cooper conductor is more preferred. 

    4. How you install underground cable. Basically, underground cable is installed by common method used in worldwide. The parameter such as the deep of the trench, protective slab, maybe different. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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