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Running a Three-phase electric motors on single-phase power

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Electric motors can be classified according to their number of supply phases. They can be categorized as single-phase, two-phase and three-phase.

Let’s read more information about these thanks to Udo’s new article that he kindly sent us few days ago.


Maintenance in Electric Motors

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Electric Motors: the context

Electric motors are rotating machines composed mainly of a stator and a rotor (see figure No. 1), which through the action of magnetic fields generated in their coils (located in the stator) convert electrical energy into mechanical.

Figure N°1: Electric Motor

Figure N°1: Electric Motor


Control of an industrial blower using a variable speed drive

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Are you ready for another article from one of your fellow electrical engineer? If you are, read the following article that A.Hand sent us via email :) Remember that you can also send us your essays and we’ll publish them in the blog.

electrical current motor control

Electrical motors form the horsepower of industry; they are included in almost all applications, they are used in compressors, lifts, hoists, saw machines, rollers, fans…etc. The most common type of electrical motors used in industry is the alternating current motor.

What are the Different Types of Motor control centers?

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Most probably, if you are an electrical engineer, you know what MCC stands for. So let’s briefly introduce it to those who are not experienced in this field.

MCC stands for “Motor Control Center” and as you can grasp from its name that it is used to control motors in the industrial or even commercial applications where many motors are to be controlled.

The questions now are why do we use MCCs? And what are the components?

Asynchronous motor starting system

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megaphone-redNew guest article today by A.N. abotu motor starting systems. If any remarks or questions are welcomed, write a comment below.

The asynchronous motors are used for a wide range of applications. They are used in industrial processes, commercial buildings, recreational areas, at home, and other areas.

However, if motor is switched on directly from the mains supply, it draws a very high initial current. The current at startup is usually between five and seven times what the motor normally draws at full load, but only develops a torque of between 1.5 and 2.5 times the torque at full load.

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