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Medium voltage switchgear testing principles (visual inspection)

November 23rd, 2017 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution

AHand is an electrical engineer working for a company that integrates solar photovoltaic systems as a temporary job until he starts his PhD. This week, he sent us a nice article focusing on the visual inspection of Medium voltage switchgear during testing phase.

Check his work below and send us a mail if you want your articles to be published in this blog.

medium voltage switchgear testing


Residual Current Device & Residual Current Circuit Breaker

October 16th, 2017 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution

megaphone-yellowIt’s been a longtime since Andrei hasn’t published an article for the Electrical Engineering Community Blog. Here’s his participation!

What is Residual Current Device & Residual Current Circuit Breaker and where to use it?

Let’s read his article and remember that you can also publish debates, equipment reviews, articles, essays or testimonies/career stories. Just send us a mail.


Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)

October 12th, 2017 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution

Hi community! We’ve already dealt with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers 3 years ago, but today here’s a new article from our fellow member Manish about this topic, which is refreshing. Hope it will help! If you have questions, leave a comment.

Fig. 1.0: Schematic of ELCB

Fig. 1.0: Schematic of ELCB


In my last article I told you about Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB). Today we will take a look at another important type of circuit breaker called – Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). An ELCB is another different class of Circuit Breakers with a specific function.


Testing faults in cables

October 5th, 2017 | 1 Comment | Posted in Electrical distribution

megaphone-blue Electrical cable faults are some of the major causes of interruptions to the smooth flow of power to the load and can also become a safety or fire hazard.

Here’s an article proposed by A.N. who sent us a lot of essays.


The effect of a fault cable depends on the type and extent of the fault. Some cable faults reduce the amount of power reaching the load, while an open cable will completely cut off the power to the loads in the affected section.

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

September 11th, 2017 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical distribution

New article kindly sent by one of our loyal members of the community: Yasser.

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Figure 1 Basic elements of Wireless Power Transfer


In electrical distribution practices, cables form a considerable part of the project at different aspects such as installation time and cost. It’s common to find cables prices exceeds more than 50% of the project budget.

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