Importance of voltage criteria for consumer distribution system

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Yesterday Martin M. sent us this article and we thought it was quite interesting, so we’re sharing it with you.

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A distribution system is deemed a failure if it does not meet the electrical demands of the consumers, as well as ensure safety while at it. Do note that the consumer end of the service is composed of thousands of small equipment and tools. While engineering at this level is virtually impossible, the power distributor can set a range of criteria that ensures both adequate power provision and safety.
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The required electrical engineering documentation for projects

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journal1Hi everybody, it’s Steven Mill – again. Last time I’ve talked about the importance of electrical engineering documentation. Now, here’s a kind of “part 2″ in which I will talk about the application of the documentation in electrical engineering projects.

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The Importance of Documentation for Electrical Engineering

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Hi, it’s Steven Mill. I’ve been publishing articles for the EEC for months now, and today I wanted to deal with the importance of documentation as an electrical engineer.

I’m sure you can relate, so give me your impressions!
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Service life of an MV Cable

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As engineers, you often come across reports and projects on service aging, as well as massive cable replacements, especially in old cities. Medium voltage cables are in extensive use in almost all facets of electricity.

Over the years, changing manufacturing methods, installation techniques and skills have changed. Engineers find themselves challenged with ensuring that the cables remain functional. This is only possible through testing. The task hence is to determine the service life of the cables.

MV cable

MV cable

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Factors that determine the current rating of power cables

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journal1Cables provide a pathway for electricity from the source to the end user, usually equipment or a tool.

Given the varied power requirements, it is crucial that the engineer selects the most appropriate type. This requires an innate knowledge of the factors that determine the current rating (ampacity).

The following highlights the primary considerations.
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