TOP 3 Best Medium Voltage technical guides

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As panel builders, electrical engineers, technicians, students or designers, you are led to work on MV electrical installations. These require equipments as well as a specific technical setting up to be efficient.

The setting up and the standards evolves together and to be up to date with the procedure to follow is becoming difficult. Furthermore, the quality of such an installation depends on several factors which have their own importance. Because of this, you sometimes encounter difficulties to summarize this technical information and it becomes hard for you to put them into practice during your daily interventions.

The consequences on your efficiency in the field are immediate: you lose time making researches to be up to date; you propose installations that you master only to your clients, and these are not conform to standards which also means non-optimized nor safe.

Stop enduring this situation! Just for you, we’ve searched and gone through several free technical guides available online. Further to our investigation, we’ve selected the best 3 and we’ve awarded them a gold, silver and bronze medal.
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7 steps to maintain private overhead power lines

June 8th, 2017 | Make a comment | Posted in Electrical Safety

Patricia is a electrical engineering student who is always ready to share some tips for her fellows students. She kindly proposed to publish her essays here and if you want to do so as well, as usual you just need to send us a mail.


Private overhead electrical lines (POELs) are those which transport lines from the main switchboard and meters to a specific building or house. There are many schemes out there about private lines and all of them begin at the point of supply. The private poles and wires inside the property boundary of the homeowner are his one responsibility.
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Effects of unbalanced power distribution on the neutral line

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Again, one of you sent us an article for it to be published on the blog. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your committement to this community.

We’ve received this essay from Yasser, an electrical engineer from Egypt. He’s interested in all electrical engineering subject and Business related subjects and if you want to be published on the blog, you can of course send us a mail. We agree to post any type of writing!


It’s clear that one of the most common electric businesses is electric distribution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. And as a rule of thumb all residential buildings have three-phase wye supply and also nearly most of small commercial and industrial facilities. Speaking about wye connection we expect that all three phases have about the same amount of current and the neutral have a very little current, this case is called a balanced system.
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Electrical wiring project: 5 tips to stay motivated

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Patricia is one of the new members of the Electrical Engineering Comunity blog and she planned to send us a couple of articles. We thank her for her contribution and remember that if you want to do like her, just send us a mail.

Here is one of the essay she wants to share with you. Give your opinion in the comment section!

Electrical wiring project

In a wiring project, like many others type of projects, it is common to be discouraged and find yourself deeply stressed about final results. Too much stress can lead to inappropriate and bad quality works. It is therefore important to know what to do in such situations.

We are going to talk about some of the problems causing by the stress in an installation and after what to do to overcome those.
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Common problems in medium voltage switchgear

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megaphone-redAs protection is the first concern in power systems design, companies spare no effort to upgrade protection devices to better, safer, smarter and more efficient devices.

This is obvious at a glance in the development of switchgear. Probably you know what switchgear is, but you don’t know the reason why switchgear got this name. Nor what are the most encountered problems in MV switchgear.

That’s what our fellow electrical engineer Yasser is going to explain today in this article he gently sent us! Leave your impressions below.

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